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Chicago Cutlery

A strong American brand forged in 1930, Chicago Cutlery makes the art of choppingslicing and carving attainable to any at-home chef. Engineering for use by professional butchers has made us masters of our craft, and the innovators of the world’s first slanted knife block.

Chicago Cutlery

America's #1 for Forged Cutlery

Comfortable and well balanced, Chicago Cutlery has your kitchen knife needs covered.

Chicago Cutlery


Expertly engineered with innovative grips, angles and materials, there are knife profiles, for every task.​

Chicago Cutlery

Professional Grade Knives

Relentless focus on making the art of chopping, slicing and carving easy and attainable for all.

Chicago Cutlery

Masters of
Knife Craft

From making and servicing products used by butchers in 1930, to bringing quality tools for chefs at home.​

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