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Finding the right Air Fryer for you

So, you’ve decided to invest in an Air Fryer, but no you need to make the decision on which model to get! All our air fryers take little to no time to preheat, can generally cut your cooking time down by almost half. Oven chips that would normally take 25 minutes, can cook in just 15 minutes, and chicken breasts in an air fryer can be ready in as little as 8 minutes, which is far quicker than an oven! Because Air Fryers are a much more concentrated heat, in comparison to heating up an entire oven, you can say hello to faster cooking and energy efficiency.

When choosing an Air Fryer, the Instant Vortex range gives you a variety of models to choose from – ranging in size, functionality and colour.

What size Air Fryer should I get?

There are several factors that can help you decide on what size Air Fryer is right for you. Firstly, how many portions do you need space for? As a general capacity rule of thumb, the litreage of each model can reflect how many portions of food they could fit:

  • 2L – up to 2 portions
  • 4L – up to 4 portions
  • 5.7L – up to 6 portions
  • 7.6L – up to 8 portions

How does the functionality differ between models?

All Vortex Air Fryers have the standard 4 functions including: Air Fry, Roast, Bake and Reheat so you have endless possibilities for cooking up a storm at home! From Air Frying juicy chicken wings, crispy fries, cauliflower bites, nuggets and more; to roasting joints of meats or vegetables, for a deliciously tender inside and browned outside;  Baking foods like breads, cakes, pastries and buns, Vortex Air Fryer can act as your own “mini oven”; and Reheating leftovers perfectly, bringing back the crisp and crunch, or even reviving stale bread – there are plenty of recipes for you to try at some so you can use your Air Fryer every day.

The Vortex Plus range boasts additional functions, including Grill and Dehydrate so you can use your Air Fryer even more! Using a direct top-down heat, Grilling is perfect for melting cheese on French onion soup, nachos, steak and more; or safely dry out food items, like dried fruit, jerky and dried veggies with Dehydrate.

To ClearCook or to not ClearCook?

The newest range of Vortex Air Fryers now have the added convenience of ClearCook see-through windows. Teamed up with a perfectly placed light, you can easily monitor the foods cooking inside without even opening the drawers. This makes your air fryer even more efficient, keeping all the heat inside for the duration of the cooking cycle (well until your turn food prompt triggers!) The ClearCook window is particularly useful for the Bake function which doesn’t require the turn food prompt, but you can still check on cooking progress as your recipe bakes!

One drawer or two?

The new ClearCook range also brings new dual drawer models so you can take your air frying to the next level. Make use of the additional space, with the two 3.8L drawers and choose to double up portions with the SyncCook function which mirrors cooking settings between drawers automatically. Or for added convenience you can now cook two separate foods at the same time, with the SyncFinish function ensuring both drawers finish simultaneously so the different dishes are ready to enjoy at the same time!

A colour for every kitchen

Available in a range of colours, there is an Instant Vortex model that can compliment any kitchen décor. From classic matt black to sleek stainless steel for our larger capacity models, to the fun bright colour pops of Red, Aqua, White and Black for the Vortex Mini models – there is an option for every kitchen!

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